Designed and manufactured in the UK
 Installing the iBin to a wall or floor.
Install the iBin to the wall or floor
The security and easy installation of the iBin is very important, so to make things easier the iBin comes with x8 pre drilled / pre punched holes in the base and back of the unit.

This allows the iBin to be securely fixed to the wall or floor.

The iBin also comes with a full installation kit and fitting instructions.
x4 washers,
x4 rawl plugs
x4 large bolts
x4 small seating washers

As shown in the diagram to the left the rubber seating washer goes on the outside of the iBin. This helps to keep the iBin slightly away from the wall / floor.

Learn more about the security lock

 ibin Parcel box lock image