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How it Works
Video-How-It-Works   Watch the full demonstration and see for yourself how simple and easy it is to use the iBin.
Simple, stylish and easy to use. With its secure coded locking system the iBin gives you the freedom to shop online and not have the hassle of waiting in or missing that important delivery.

Watch and learn how the iBin can benefit your life. Using the simple to use key pad locking system the iBin gives you piece of mind every time.
With its stylish design and secure locking system the iBin makes home deliveries easier than ever.
When ordering your shopping online most websites provide the option to give a
‘Special Instruction’ or ‘Other Information’. Within that section you need to write a clear instruction for the delivery driver, telling him where your Parcel bin is and the 4 digit code to open the lock.
The order is placed and the courier is sent the delivery note.

The courier will have your address and special instruction that you requested when placing the order.
When the courier arrives at your address.
they will locate your iBin via the instructions you provided them.

They will then key in the 4 digit code on the lock from the special instruction.
The courier will place your parcel inside the iBin and record the unique code that is placed on the inside of the lid.

This will be the proof of signature.
the iBin comes with x8 pre drilled / pre punched holes in the base and back of the unit. For more information Click here
When you return home you enter the 4 digit code, open the lid and retrieve your parcels from the security of your iBin.

If you have any questions then please visit our FAQ page.

If you need any further information on the iBin then please dont hesitate to contact us. enquiries@theibin.com  We will answer all your questions within 24hrs of your enquiry.

iBin-water-test Change-iBin-user-code Change-iBin-Batteries
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