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Customer Feedback
Dear iBin,
Just thought I would update you on the success we have had with our new iBin. So I made 3 orders online, 2 of them allowed special delivery instructions, while 1 of them did not. The couriers involved were City-link, DPD and Yodel. For the order that didn't have a special delivery instructions (Yodel), I created a delivery address on the website that had my ibin code next to my name (an alternative is to but the details in the "company" part of the address e.g. "iBin code xxxx"). As I mentioned I have the attached notice on my front door - so hoped the Yodel courier would following the instructions using the code from my address.

All 3 orders were delivered successfully by iBin, including the Yodel order! As you can imagine I was pretty impressed with the 100% hit rate - ordering online has never been so easy.

James from Hampshire

The Ibin arrived today and I had to contact you to say that it's the most fantastic item. I am so pleased that I spent the extra on a quality item instead of going for a cheaper, ebay option. It really yells out 'quality' and 'class' and the workmanship on it is wonderful. My husband is a mechanical engineer in the film industry and also was very complimentary on the Ibin. We've had wonderful service from you and really are over the moon with the end product.
A huge thank you to all who were involved in our order.

I will be singing the praises of your product and company to all friends and family.

Maggie from Kent