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Why choose the iBin?
The iBins are a range of stylish parcel containers that have been built with security, durability, and practicality in mind. The iBin is manufactured in the UK, designed to the highest quality and offers a safe and secure solution to your home deliveries. The iBin's weather resistant lock is IP54 rated and allows in excess of 15,000 openings from two AAA batteries.

What makes the iBin Secure?
The touch-key lock mechanism is CE approved with an IP 54 rating. It allows for 1 master code, a sub-master code and a user code. You can change ALL the codes at your own convenience Couriers are advised of your code in the “special instructions” box on your order. A label is affixed to the underside of the iBin lid, with a unique number and is accepted as a signature for delivery by the courier. If you receive more than one delivery a day you can use different codes for each consignment. The iBin can be, easily secured to any wall, floor or both using the fixing kit supplied with every iBin.

Do i need an electric supply to the lock?
No the lock is battery operated and takes two AAA batteries.

What happens if the batteries run out?
When the batteries start to run low you will see the indicator light flash. If this is missed or forgotten about and the batteries fail, you can use a square PP3 9V battery over the two small connectors. This will give you enough power to enter your code and change the batteries. Full instructions come with the iBin.

What sizes do the iBin’s come in?
The iBin comes in 3 sizes.
The iBin Compact is our smallest member of the iBin family.
Back height: 560mm x Front Height: 470mm x Width: 320mm x Depth: 280mm.
The entry area once the lid is opened is 265mm wide x 210mm Deep

The iBin Classic is the original member of the iBin family.
Back Height: 700mm x Front Height: 550mm x Width: 410mm x Depth: 400mm.
The entry area once the lid is opened is 370mm wide x 330mm Deep

The iBin Grande is the largest of the iBin family.
Back Height: 700mm x Front Height: 550mm x Width: 810mm x Depth: 400mm.
The entry area once the lid is opened is 760mm wide x 330mm Deep

What happens if there is not a section to add notes at checkout?
Most website payment pages now have a notes or special instruction area whereby you can add your delivery instructions. If you do use a website that does not have these facilities then simply add your details to the address section.

Can I check the status of my iBin order?
Yes. When you have purchased your iBin you will receive a confirmation email. Once the iBin has been packed and shipped you will then receive a delivery tracking number so you can track your new iBin. (Just think this is the last time you will have to wait in for your delivery)

Can the iBin cope with multiple deliveries?
Yes. This is one of the iBins unique selling points. The special locking device used is based on a code entry system, meaning that whoever has the code can deliver parcels securely time after time.

Can you install the iBin outside?
The iBin has been designed and manufactured for outside use. Using a pre-coating process on a steel substrate, the iBin has then been further treated and painted to withstand outdoor weather. The iBin has also been salt spray tested to 800 hours.

Are the items in the iBin insured?
Most insurers would class the iBin as an outbuilding therefore parcels deposited into the iBin would normally be covered by your home insurance. However, individuals are asked to check with their insurer.

What happens if the parcel needs a signature?
In the vast majority of situations the unique number that is situated inside the lid acts as a proof of signature. In fact most delivery companies prefer to deliver the parcel first time and therefore the number is becoming more widely accepted. However there may be the occasional delivery that requires a hand written signature.

How do I install the iBin?
The iBin comes with full fitting instructions and the necessary fixings. We would recommend that the iBin is bolted (using the bolts and fixings supplied) to a secure wall or floor. Someone with basic DIY skills should be able to fit this in a matter of minutes. To see how this works click here

Can the iBin be repositioned?
Yes, The iBin can be easily unbolted and moved to a new location. If you have purchased an iBin and have lost the fitting instructions then you can view or download a copy here. Fitting Instructions

Is the iBin suitable for food deliveries?
The iBin is a steel container without any refrigeration therefore unsuitable for perishable goods. However certain deliveries like fresh fish that are usually packed in ice, in a sealed container and can be left at your door can be deposited into the iBin (This would be subject to the deliverers terms and conditions).

Has the iBin any other lifestyle uses?
If you are away from your premises, let the iBin be your concierge service, if someone needs to drop off an item you require and you cannot be there to accept it, be it a gift, electrical equipment or an important document. Give them an access code to your iBin and when you return home your delivery will be waiting for you, safe & sound. Whilst you are away on vacation have a word with your Royal Mail Post Person and furnish them with an access code, so your mail can be stored out of sight in a chronological manner in your iBin. (this is especially beneficial for those with letter boxes in glass doors, where opportunist thieves can see mail build up or mail left in letter boxes, and make assumptions on occupancy) If you are a small business, use the iBin to have documents, parcels and other goods delivered and collected, leaving you to get on running your business.

How does the courier know what to do?
When you purchase your products from the internet you will have an option within the order to add additional notes or special instructions, you enter your iBin keypad code 1234 with a brief note to say leave parcel in the parcel bin (and say where it’s kept) The courier will receive these special instructions and look for the iBin on arrival. When the iBin is located, the courier will enter the lock code turn the latch and open the lid. The courier will place the parcel in your iBin. If proof of delivery is required then each iBin has a unique number on the inside of the lid that the courier can take down as proof that he has delivered your parcel to the iBin. The Courier will then lock the iBin and leave. When you return home, you enter your code and retrieve your parcels.

Still not found the answer you are looking for?
If you have read through the questions above and you are still unsure then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the enquiry form on the contact page or email jason@theibin.com